SwiftKey Adds Photo Themes Feature To Its Keyboard App

Swiftkey Neural AH 1

SwiftKey has made its keyboard app replete with a more personal feel by introducing the Photo Themes feature, a new tool meant to allow you to upload images of your own choosing or photos you captured yourself to the SwiftKey keyboard. You can then set the uploaded image as your keyboard’s theme, displaying the photo in question in the background of the app so you can see it all the time while typing something in the keyboard. The new feature is now rolling out to the iOS and Android versions of the SwiftKey keyboard, with additional options for Android users to choose whether or not they would like to keep the borders on the individual keys of the app. Keep in mind, though, that while the feature is now available, you should still update your SwiftKey app to version 6.7.1 in order to get started with Photo Themes.

With the new feature, you can choose a more personalized design for your keyboard by uploading images from your own gallery. You can start uploading photos to the keyboard app by enabling the Photo Themes feature in the “SwiftKey Settings”, tapping on the Themes tab, and then selecting the “Custom” tab. You can then begin designing your own theme by clicking on the “Start” button and tapping on the “Add Image” option to select images from your gallery or any other sources. Remember to upload only photos with the JPG or PNG format. You can also further customize your theme by adjusting the background brightness, resizing the image, and toggling key borders and symbols. If you wish to delete a particular theme for any reason, SwiftKey allows you to remove a photo, though there is no option to revert such an action once confirmed. Instead, you have to re-upload the photo again and make the necessary adjustments if you want to restore your deleted theme.

In order to inspire your creativity and help you get started with creating your own themes, SwiftKey has teamed up with National Geographic contributing photographer Keith Ladzinski. That means you can also download images from his gallery of 12 curated photos to create your own theme. There’s also a contest that SwiftKey has launched to award those who can submit the most creative theme this month with a $150 Amazon gift card, a limited edition SwiftKey hoodie sweatshirt and more. Click on the source link below to see how you can join the competition.