Sprint May Take Its Branded Credit Card Nationwide This Week

According to the source, Wave7 Research now says that Sprint plans to take its credit card nationwide during the next week. For those that may not already know, Sprint started offering the card two years ago in partnership with Amsterdam-based Home Credit. The card is already available for customers in over 500 of the company's US stores. The purpose of the carrier-branded card, according to the source, the company plans to expand on that in order to build customer loyalty and make things easier for customers who want to take advantage of autopay. Beyond that, the card offers consumers interest-free shopping for the first year of their subscription and a reward-points system - with points being redeemable for Sprint services and products. Sprint-specific purchases, meanwhile, net subscribers double the usual points.

Looking past those details, Sprint is also expected to hire more employees to fill at least twelve positions created by the expansion. Those employees will work out of the company's Overland Park headquarters. Unfortunately, there has been no official word as of yet as to which Sprint locations will have the cards on offer first or whether they will eventually be made available at every Sprint location. Having said that, it wouldn't be too difficult for the company to expand the offering out to every one of its stores. So it seems reasonable to expect that will be the case, although the carrier could decide not to.

In the meantime, as of this writing, there have also still been no details revealed about the joint venture itself, so it may be impossible to say exactly how much the move could benefit Sprint in either the short-term or the long-term. Bearing that in mind, the company has also recently come out merger negotiations with T-Mobile that ultimately failed, which resulted in a renewed commitment from the company toward its prior investments - including the expansion of its own network of towers and cell sites. So, this move does make some sense. Offering the cards in the first place isn't likely to be very cost-intensive for the company, to begin with. On the other hand, Sprint could also see a substantial return from consumers motivated to use the card for Sprint purchases by its points system. That's in addition to returns from interest accruement after a given subscriber's first year and, in turn, could be helpful to the company's overall financial position. In any case, the expectation that the cards will be made available within the next week should mean there will be more official information available soon, rather than later.

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