Sony Revamps PlayStation App, Unveils New PS4 2nd Screen App

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Sony has moved to help improve the gaming experience for players by introducing a new design to its PlayStation app. It is the latest change to come to the app as part of a broader effort to let gamers connect with friends while at the same time keeping their online gaming status. The redesign in particular provides a new look to the user interface, allowing players to perform several tasks such as checking who among friends are online or viewing the activities of other players in the PlayStation community.

On top of the new design, the overhaul also pushes out a new central PlayStation button, which functions to keep players connected to the Apps key features, which provide access to a lot of items including the PlayStation Store as well as help players manage downloads from the video game console. The PS Button menu also allows players to gain access to PlayStation’s suite of applications such as the PlayStation Messages and PlayStation Communities. The PlayStation Communities app in particular was launched in November last year to help PS4 players connect with friends and other online contacts regardless of their location. Also, the PlayStation Messages app provides PlayStation players a tool to send and receive messages from friends on the go, with the goal of keeping players engaged with the game they are currently playing even if they are chatting with friends. The app includes a number of stickers of PlayStation characters.

In addition to the existing apps within the PlayStation ecosystem, there’s also a new second screen app for PS4 that is accessible through the PS Button menu as well. The PS4 second screen app is now available to download from the Google Play Store. The app is designed to help players explore the different sections of the PS4 menu, check for additional content in games including maps, and use the keyboard that pops up on the screen. The PlayStation app, meant to let players download games to PS4, purchase games and check for online friends, among other tasks, is up for grabs via the Google Play Store only for devices running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Be sure to create a PlayStation Network account to start using the PlayStation app.


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