Smarter Coffee Maker Video Review – Smart Home Barista


Smart home gadgets are becoming as prolific as standard ones nowadays, and more of them are using centralized services to interact with each other than ever. Smarter makes a number of smart home products, including coffee makers, kettles, fridge cameras and more. Today we’re taking a look at the second generation Smarter Coffee Maker, one that adds a number of new features including official Alexa and IFTTT support. IFTTT is a widely used service that allows users to create custom rules and even use what it calls “recipes” from community users to link smart home devices together in ways the manufacturers might not have otherwise been able to.

The Smarter Coffee 2nd Generation is a fairly simple looking bean-to-cup coffee maker, with a hopper up top that fresh grinds beans on your command. The beans land in a standard drip-type filter that hot water is run through, and Smarter ships the coffee maker with a permanent, washable filter to help cut down on ownership cost and waste over time. A 1500Ml water reservoir on the back has a sensor in it that can tell how much water is left, and the 1500Ml/12 cup carafe below makes enough coffee to go around. There’s even interchangeable plates for the front, which come in cream and red colors and ship with the coffee maker, giving you three color options out of the box.

The Smarter Coffee 2nd Generation links with your Alexa account natively, but IFTTT opens up the floodgates to work with Google Assistant, as well as giving you a slew of customization options that you wouldn’t have otherwise. An Android and iOS app also allow a number of additional features, including manual starting, automatic timer modes and even an automatic starting mode based on geolocation. This last piece, in particular, is interesting, as it will automatically start the coffee maker if you get near your home during a certain time of day, making sure you’ve got a hot pot of coffee ready to enjoy the moment you enter your humble abode. Be sure to check out the video below to see if this smart coffee maker is a worthy addition to your smart home!