Samsung Sets Up Dedicated AI Center As Part Of Restructuring

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Samsung Electronics has opened a new artificial intelligence (AI) center as part of the South Korean tech giant’s move to restructure its organization to address future growth requirements. According to a new report by BusinessKorea, the phone maker merged its DMC Research Institute and its Software Center in the Consumer Electronics and IT & Mobile divisions into a single entity called Samsung Research, which comprises the new AI center responsible for Samsung’s initiatives related to the development of various AI technologies. Lee Keun-bae, chief of the firm’s software AI team, has been appointed as the senior managing director of the new AI center.

The latest development coincides with a recent report that indicates Samsung Electronics plans to establish a new AI research center in the near future in a move to respond to certain “market changes.” However, the location of the planned facility was previously undisclosed. Additionally, the chaebol also beefed up the position of Samsung Strategy & Innovation Center President Sohn Young-kwon, who was hired by the company in 2012 and is now responsible for the research and development of self-driving vehicles and AI, as well as mergers and acquisitions related to these segments. On top of his current role, Mr. Sohn will also oversee the overall research and development efforts of the South Korean conglomerate moving forward while retaining his position as the chairman of the board of Harman International, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics acquired earlier this year. The South Korean tech giant and Harman International are currently working on an internet-activated AI speaker that they plan to release next year, according to previous remarks made by Samsung President of Mobile Communication Koh Dong-Jin. The plan is seen as part of Samsung’s strategy to more effectively engage rivals in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) market that’s been gaining significant traction in recent times.

The move comes on top of numerous other AI investments made by Samsung over the course of this year. This August, the company reportedly funded a Chinese neural processing and general AI startup called DeePhi Tech. Last month, it was reported that Samsung would launch a new AI building management service that would assist building owners in managing their real estate properties and intensify the company’s enterprise-focused AI efforts.