Samsung Launches A Burgundy Red Variant Of The Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Burgundy Red Promo

Samsung Electronics on Wednesday announced the Burgundy Red variant of the Galaxy S8, introducing yet another iteration of its popular Android flagship. The smartphone has officially been debuted in the company’s home country of South Korea and there’s currently no information on whether it will eventually become available in more markets, with its pricing being understood to be identical to that of the other versions which sell for approximately $900 in South Korea, though they’re also receiving regular discounts by now, almost seven months after being released.

The Burgundy Red edition of the phone is explicitly being associated with fall, as evidenced by Samsung’s short promo that can be seen below and features an abundance of autumn themes. Like its name suggests, the handset features a dark red finish intended to be reminiscent of the famous Burgundy wine. Only the smaller Galaxy S8 appears to be receiving the Burgundy Red treatment in South Korea, with the larger Galaxy S8 Plus even starring in the same commercial, albeit featuring the previously launched Orchid Gray color. The new variant of the Android-powered flagship should be available for purchase in South Korea later this month and is becoming available almost simultaneously with the release of the iPhone X in the Far Eastern country, with Samsung presumably seeking to refresh its currently most popular handset lineup in order to do a better job of competing with its largest rival.

Apart from introducing a new color of the Galaxy S8, the largest phone maker in the world also expanded its stateside Galaxy Note 8 series earlier today, having announced that the Deepsea Blue edition of its latest phablet is set to go on sale in the United States next week. The two predecessors of the Galaxy S8 lineup were being refreshed for the majority of 2016, albeit largely due to the Galaxy Note 7 debacle which left Samsung without a new flagship to compete with over the last holiday season, making the company’s decision to release yet another edition of the Galaxy S8 surprise some industry watchers. Still, being one of the most profitable consumer electronics companies on the planet, Samsung‘s latest move was likely based on robust sales data that the tech giant analyzed and concluded there’s demand for a new version of its 2017 flagship, at least in South Korea.