Samsung Kicks Off Beta Testing For Bixby Voice In Chinese

Samsung Galaxy S8 AH NS bixby 2

Samsung China has initiated a beta testing for its proprietary Bixby Voice digital assistant in the Chinese language in an experiment that is set to wrap up by the end of November. As part of the beta testing, some 15,000 individuals were asked to join and take part in the beta testing in which they have to use Bixby Voice as their personal assistant constantly so that the artificial intelligence (AI)-based digital assistant will be able to advance its Chinese language learning.

It should be pointed out, however, that while the experiment involves several participants who use Chinese as their native language, only those who use the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus or the Galaxy Note 8 licensed in mainland China are able to join the beta testing. Test participants are required to submit error reports while they are using Bixby Voice, and they encounter some sort of bug in the process. The South Korean original equipment manufacturer uses a gamification model to conduct the beta test in which participants can earn points by simply submitting feedback that helps to improve the digital assistant. Participants can get 10 points by just using Bixby Voice five times, and the amount of points are likely to increase as long as they use the digital assistant more often. If you are one of the participants of the test, you can keep track of your points by clicking on the Bixby button and sliding to the left of the display in order to open the Bixby home page and proceed to the ‘My Bixby’ page.

Loads of prizes await those who could provide the best feedback during the gamified test, including the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier One, Samsung Gear 360 and the Gear VR. The top 900 users who can accumulate the most number of points will be able to receive Samsung points amounting to 100 yuan, which is transferrable to payment cards. The beta testing for the Chinese version of Bixby Voice comes a few months after the Korean phone maker rolled out the digital assistant on a global scale, though the personal companion only supported the English and Korean languages at the time. Samsung, nonetheless, vowed to expand the language support for Bixby Voice, and the addition of the Chinese support marks the fulfillment of that promise, to some point, at the very least.