Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime (2018) Benchmarked With 3GB Of RAM

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 AH NS 05 logo

A Samsung Electronics-made handset bearing the model number SM-G571 that appears to be the successor to the Galaxy J5 Prime (SM-G570F) was spotted in the database of popular mobile benchmark GFXBench earlier this week, with the phone being identified as running a “Samsung Edition” of Android 7.1.1 Nougat. The South Korean original equipment manufacturer already upgraded a number of its offerings like the Galaxy J7 and Galaxy Tab A 9.7 to an Android 7.1.1-based build of the Samsung Experience mobile software suite, with the version of the operating system found on the SM-G571 presumably being no different.

The possible Galaxy J5 Prime (2018) was identified as featuring a 4.8-inch screen with a standard HD resolution of 1,280 by 720 pixels amounting to a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9. While Samsung already commercialized a taller 18.5:9 mobile image format coupled with a bezel-less design and is rumored to have it trickle down to the Galaxy A (2018) lineup, its upcoming Galaxy J-series handsets still appear to be set to feature a more conventional aesthetic with regular-sized bezels for at least another year. The SM-G571 was benchmarked as being powered by the Exynos 7570 SoC, the same Samsung-made silicon found inside its predecessor, Galaxy J3 (2017), and the Galaxy Xcover 4. The chip was listed as running at a maximum operating frequency of 1.4GHz, which is in line with its previously commercialized configurations.

The successor to the Galaxy J5 Prime will apparently be an upgrade to the previous device in terms of RAM, featuring 3GB instead of 2GB of the thereof. Likewise, the benchmark suggests that the SM-G571 will offer double the storage space of its predecessor, boasting 32GB of internal flash memory in total, with approximately 25GB being available to end users. The handset was also identified as sporting a 12-megapixel rear camera capable of shooting 4K photos and FHD videos, as well as being accompanied by an unspecified flash unit. The top bezel of the newly sighted smartphone appears to feature an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p video support, as suggested by GFXBench which technically identified the secondary sensor as a 7-megapixel affair but was likely inaccurate in this regard. No firm availability details for the SM-G571 have yet been rumored, with an early 2018 launch being the most probable scenario.