Rumor: Samsung To Release Under 5-Inch 'Full Screen' Phone

Samsung Galaxy S8 AH NS 09

Samsung is rumored to be working on a new device with a full or all-screen display. While this may not sound like anything new considering the last few major smartphones to come from Samsung have come through boasting a full-screen or ‘Infinity Display’ display, the suggestion with this rumored one is that it will be designed for consumers looking to take advantage of a full-screen device, but on a smaller screen in general.

In particular, the information (which comes from Weibo tipster “Ice Universe”) states the display on this full-screen device will measure less than 5-inches. Typically speaking, devices which come with an all-screen device have come through with a view to offering as much of a display as possible within a body of a smartphone that is not notably smaller than the previous generation phones. Which at the flagship level has usually referred to a device with a display size between 5.5-inches and 6.3-inches. So if the information is correct a device sporting a 5-inch (at the maximum) size will be quite the change from the majority of the other all-screen options now coming through.

Of course, there is nothing to say that this will be positioned as a premium or flagship device as full screen displays have now started to filter down to mid-range smartphones as well. Furthermore, with Samsung’s bulging smartphone portfolio the company could easily release a 5-inch all-screen display for just about any price bracket. Especially when also taking into consideration how Samsung does already have a number of models available for the mid and entry-level segments which are of a similar smaller size. For example, the current Samsung Galaxy A5 comes with a smaller display (not quite under 5-inches however) and in the last few days a model number believed to be associated with the 2018 version of the phone was spotted along with the suggestion it will boast an 18:9 aspect ratio – meaning it will likely come with an Infinity Display. Whether the two reports are connected and do refer to the same phone remains to be seen, although they could be, or at least part of the same Samsung ethos for 2018 which will see the company expand the number of handsets it offers boasting a bezel-less or limited display. In either case, besides the suggestion of the ‘less than 5-inches’ the tipster did not provide any other firm information on the device, including the specs, when it will be released, or even where it will be released.