Report: Samsung To Beat Intel's 2017 Semiconductor Sales


IC Insights is set to crown Samsung as the world's number one manufacturer of semiconductors for the full year 2017 in its November update to the 2017 McClean Report. According to a post on the market research company's site, the report will come out later this month and will show Samsung ahead of Intel by a sizeable margin. Samsung's gain, however, reportedly has little to do with Intel losing market share to the Korean manufacturer. Although Intel's market share is expected to be down by 1.7-percent year-over-year, Samsung's market share will have lept to 15-percent. That's a gain of nearly three points for Samsung, which seems to indicate that it has built its share of the market from across the board, rather than from Intel specifically. Backing that assertion up further, both Intel and Samsung have been gaining market share steadily since 1993.

The sharp uptick in Samsung's business, on the other hand, is more closely tied to the same components that helped it beat out Apple as the most profitable company earlier this year. Namely, the primary cause of its rapid rise in semiconductors – according to IC Insights – can be narrowed down to how well Samsung is doing in terms of DRAM and NAND sales. The average selling price of those has risen drastically in tandem with a rapid rise in demand for components in mobile devices as more of the world than ever before begin to see increased use of those devices. That is also, of course, thanks to headway in other technological advancements increasing the overall size of the market with other consumer and enterprise-geared products. According to IC Insights' figures, Samsung will post sales figures

Meanwhile, Intel is also not the only technology giant set to fall for the full year 2017, according to IC Insights. The firm also expects Qualcomm and Broadcom to be knocked out of their positions – currently at third and fourth, respectively – for the full year. Those will move down the list to be replaced by SK Hynix and Micron. NVidia will also occupy a place on that list for 2017, residing in spot number nine. That's bad news for MediaTek, which is knocked off of the top ten list entirely. However, that shouldn't be too surprising either, with consideration for the fact that has temporarily halted its top-of-the-line chipset efforts.


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