Razer Phone Goes Through Scratch, Burn Test In New Video

A new video from the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything shows how well the Razer Phone can withstand scratches, pressure, and heat. The scratch test is the first test that was conducted, and this is where the hardness and scratch resistance of both the metal rear panel and the front glass of the smartphone are determined. The display is protected by a sheet of Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which has a hardness score of 6. This means that the glass can withstand scratches made by keys, coins, and razor blades, although it can still be damaged by a grain of sand since silica, a mineral that is commonly found in sand, has a hardness score of 7.

The loudspeakers are covered by plastic grills that are securely attached to the device while the front-facing camera and proximity sensors are also protected with glass. The fingerprint scanner, which is embedded into the power button, can still perform its function properly even if the sensor has been heavily scratched by a razor blade. Glass also covers the dual rear cameras, although it seems to be coated by another different material, allowing a razor blade to leave permanent marks on the glass. The burn test was then performed after the burn test. This test involves placing a lighter flame near the display and recording the nature of the damage and the length of time before the screen was damaged. The display of the Razer Phone suffered temporary damage from the flame, with its pixels momentarily turning black and then recovering after a few seconds.

Last but not the least, is the bend test, wherein a substantial amount of force is applied at both the front and the back of the smartphone. Jerry noted that the people who developed the Razer Phone are the same personalities that designed the Nextbit Robin. The latter device failed the bend test in an earlier video, with the handset bending near the volume buttons, while the Razer Phone fared substantially better, with the smartphone still working properly after the test. This can be attributed to the stronger frame of the Razer Phone, which is now made from metal, while the sides of the Nextbit Robin was constructed from plastic. However, the handset still flexes when force is applied while the chassis suffered considerable cosmetic damage.

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