Qualcomm & UnitedHealthcare Add Wearables To Motion Program


Prominent chipset maker Qualcomm has teamed up with UnitedHealthcare to announce the inclusion of new devices in the duo's physical well-being promotion program that takes advantage of wearables. The program, which UnitedHealthcare calls United Healthcare Motion, promotes healthy living by providing participants with a money back offer simply by staying active. Activity is tracked by the newly added Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro and Gear Sport, in addition to Garmin's vivosmart 3 fitness tracker. Previously, only devices from Fitbit and Striiv were available. Participants, of course, need to be on an eligible UnitedHealthcare plan through their employer in order to take part, but are given access to those activity trackers and can earn over $1000 per year if they meet specified walking goals. The program is built on a bring-your-own-device model, so users who already own the included devices and are on an eligible plan should also be able to take part. For those who don't, UnitedHealthcare has a dedicated site where applicable devices are on offer at no charge or discounted prices for those wanting to buy the fitness tracker for themselves. The entire thing is brought together with Qualcomm Life's 2net medical-grade connectivity platform, helping that sensitive user data stay secure.

As to the offer itself, Motion is extended to employers who want to help employees save some money on their health care. Eligible employees can earn as much as $4 per day by achieving the F.I.T. goals included with the program. Those fall into three categories. First, incentives are earned by walking 500 steps in under seven minutes. That has to be done with at least six times a day with an hour passing between sessions in order to meet the "frequency" goal. Completing 3,000 steps within a half hour, on the other hand, is how a user can meet the "intensity" goal. Finally, the "tenacity" goal can be met by walking more than 10,000 steps per day. Although the program will certainly help participants earn some money back, as long as they meet the goals, it could go a bit further thanks to its incentivization of general exercise activity. People tend to be more active when the ordinarily menial task is gamified with technology and being more active will almost certainly lead to improved health and a reduction in medical costs, to begin with.

Meanwhile, this is the second health-related revelation from Qualcomm's Life subsidiary this month. It follows the company's announcement of FDA approval for its Capsule Vitals Plus platform, as Qualcomm continues to pursue every outlet possible for generating income. In this latest announcement, the company says the inclusion of more devices will not only expand on the number of choices available to participants who don't already own a fitness wearable. It will also widen the field to include more participants who already own a device but whose devices weren't previously eligible for use in the UnitedHealthcare Motion program. That should, in turn, make for a healthier – and therefore happier – workforce according to Qualcomm.

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