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Pre-registrations are now open for a game, called Marvel Strike Force, that takes place in the Marvel Universe and which isn't slated for release until 2018. Unfortunately, the pre-registration process isn't from the Google Play Store, but through the game's official website, linked through the button below. Thankfully, this one is also a role-playing game (RPG), rather than just another fighter. Also, as is often the case with signing up before launch, it does bring a couple of perks. Those include 500 power cores used to enhance characters, 50,000 in-game currency, and a leveled-up Daredevil character.

The title itself is being developed by FoxNext Games and will be free to play when it launches, though there's no official launch date set just yet. There will be some in-app purchases associated with Strike Force, as indicated by the free pre-registration rewards, but there's no way to know whether they will be a major hindrance to players who choose not to buy into those. In the meantime, players will be tasked with building out their own team, comprised of both iconic Marvel Super Heroes and dastardly Super Villains in order to save the world from an external threat. Some of the characters known to be included in the game include Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Groot, Loki, Venom, Captain America, and Iron Man – among others. Each has its own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. So, although it's probably possible to simply assemble a given player's favorites together, it will be better for players to take those into consideration before taking their team into battle. Picking players that work well together will result in better combos and easier wins. In fact, according to the game's website description, some of the best combinations of characters may even be between heroes and villains who would ordinarily be bitter rivals. The teams themselves, meanwhile, are comprised of a total of five characters, which players will take into the game's 5-on-5 battles. Aside from those elements of the game, Marvel Strike Force is an RPG. That means players will be able to level up their characters bit-by-bit – in this case resulting in a star ranking, with each character capable of reaching a 5-star ranking.

Although it may still be too soon to tell, FoxNext Games is touting the graphical achievements of this new title. Bearing that in mind, it almost goes without saying that it will probably be optimized for upper mid-tier devices or better, at a minimum. Having said that, an RPG based on Marvel's universe will likely be worth a look for fans of the Action RPG gaming genre or Marvel's superhero franchises. So, it may still be worth pre-registering, if for no other reason than to have the chance of getting the associated perks, just in case.

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