Plex DVR Now Automatically Drops Commercials In Recordings

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Plex has rolled out a new update to the DVR service that automatically gets rid of commercials in your recordings once the software detects an ad in your recorded video files. Keep in mind, however, that the media center service cautions that removing commercials from your recordings might take forever to complete and the process could require high CPU usage. Once it identifies the commercial portion of your recorded TV program, Plex DVR will then immediately drop that part before the recording is saved in your library.

The new beta feature, though, is available only to Plex Pass subscribers at least for now, and there is no certainty yet when it will come to users who are not paying for a premium subscription. Subscription plans include $4.99 per month, $39.99 per year, or $149.99 for a lifetime use of the media center application. On top of the option to automatically remove commercials from Plex recordings, the update also introduces a plethora of bug fixes that should improve the overall performance of the media solution. To start using this new feature, simply connect your antenna to Plex using a USB Tuner or HDHomeRun. You can then start recording your favorite TV shows from your Plex media center or via the NVIDIA SHIELD. Also, you must set your Update Channel to beta configuration to be able to use the new feature and update your Plex software to its latest version, which is, TechCrunch reports, citing correspondence with Plex itself. In September 2016, the Plex Media Server beta for NVIDIA SHIELD was updated to include Plex DVR to let you record and save your favorite TV program content in your library for later viewing, provided the media content comes from free broadcast networks.

Released in September last year, Plex DVR is intended to allow you to sync your favorite TV shows to any device or cloud solution. Although you still need to purchase a TV box such as HDHomeRun, you can start watching the TV program on any device once it is recorded and synced with the Plex DVR service. That means you will still be able to keep track of your favorite TV show regardless of your location, courtesy of the cloud sync support for Plex DVR.