Pixel 2 XL Owner Complains Of New Phone With No OS

A Pixel 2 XL owner is complaining of a new phone with no OS. Over on Reddit, a user who goes by the name of MAKES_PEOPLE_MAD says that Google shipped out a Pixel 2 XL that they purchased but when it arrived and they took out of the box, then booted it up, it didn't have the operating system on it. Instead, it simply showed a message on a black screen that looks like the stock recovery mode, which stated that the device can't find operating system and so the device will not start. This doesn't seem to be a widespread issue, and so far it appears to be a one-off, though it is reported that there has been one other user who has received a phone with the same problem.

This could be considered the largest issue of any of the problems that have surfaced for Google's new phone as no OS means the phone won't ever be operable. That said Google is simply giving the user who received this phone a new one in place of it, and adding in a Google Play Store credit for good measure, which is more or less the same as returning it for a refund and then placing another order so it sounds like Google is taking care of the consumer, plus they're giving them an added bonus with the Play Store gift credit.

There have only been one or two other issues besides this for the Pixel 2 XL, though there have also been some for the Pixel 2. For example, the Pixel 2 XL has been reported to have screen burn-in issues where the navigation buttons down at the bottom of the phone would appear slightly when the nav bar wasn't actually in view, and although not really an issue with the phone's makeup some users have complained about the way that the colors on the screen on the device look, though Google did end up noting that this look was intended and that the display was designed to look more natural. Despite a couple of small problems, it's early days for the Pixel 2 XL and it's likely to do well for Google even if it doesn't set any records. Though since the device just launched at the end of October this also means there is potential for more issues to come up.

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