Owners Report Pixel 2 / XL Google Assistant Bluetooth Bug

The latest issue now attributed to the Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL is a Bluetooth one. Specifically, a number of Pixel 2 device owners have been lodging a complaint with the Pixel User Community (although the actual issue ultimately originated on Reddit) noting how Google Assistant does not seem to work with the two new Pixel phones when a set of Bluetooth headphones is thrown into the mix.

It seems a number of users are finding when they connect a set of Bluetooth Headphones to either of the new Pixel 2 phones and try to make use of Google Assistant (through the headphones), they are not able to. Google Assistant seemingly registers the activation of Assistant but the reports detail the mic does not seem to register anything after. So for example, when using the Bluetooth headphones and trying to talk to Google Assistant, the Assistant does not hear any of the questions being asked. There are setting buried within the Google Assistant settings which allow the device owner to specifically activate usage with Bluetooth headphones, although those affected report they have all of the necessary settings set as they should. When we tested for the issue, for the most part Google Assistant seemed to be working fine (i.e. Google Assistant could be activated via the hotword, questions could be asked, and responses were received - all through the headset). However there was one specific scenario in which Assistant did not work during testing. This is when using a pair of headphones that offer Google Assistant activation through a dedicated button. When pressing the button, the ‘I’m listening’ prompt from Assistant is heard through the headphones but as others mention - the mic fails to pick up what is being said afterwards. In other words, nothing happens when you ask a question.

Others are however, noting various ways in which the Assistant integration is not working. One of the most common seems to when the phone is locked and the user tries to initiate Google Assistant by squeezing the phone and activating the Active Edge feature. Although again, there are a number of others finding the issue happens regardless of whether the phone is locked. Likewise, device owners have reported the issues persists regardless of which brand of headphones are used. So this is not something that can be attributed to a certain pair of headphones, or brand. It is also worth noting that this is not considered to be a new issue either as while it is now gaining more media attention, the original post on this dates back to October 20. Due to the number of comments that have been added to the post since then however, including ones from today and this week, it seems evident it is still a current issue.

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