OUKITEL Discounts 13 Smartphones For 11.11 Shopping Carnival

OUKITEL 1111 flash sale

OUKITEL has just announced that a ton of its smartphones will be discounted on November 11, for China’s ‘Singles Day’, China’s shopping festival. All of the devices that we’ll talk about here will be on offer over at AliExpress, and in case you’re wondering how many devices are we talking about here exactly, well, OUKITEL has decided to discount 13 of its smartphones, whose prices vary from $58.49 all the way to $218.99, depending on which model you’d like to purchase, of course.

The most affordable smartphone that OUKITEL decided to discount is the OUKITEL C8, as the handset will be priced at $58.49, while the most expensive model will be the OUKITEL K10000 Max, as you’ll need to pay $218.99 in order to buy it. As far as other models are concerned, the OUKITEL C5 Pro will be available for $66.55, the OUKITEL U22 will cost $68.99, and that is the same price point that you’ll need to pay for the OUKITEL U20 Plus if you’d like to get it. The OUKITEL K4000 Plus will cost $84.99, which makes it the last sub-$100 OUKITEL phone that will be available through AliExpress on November 11. The OUKITEL U16 Max will be priced at $125.40, while the OUKITEL K10000 will cost $131.24, and the OUKITEL K5000 will carry a similar price tag, as you’ll be able to get it for $131.99. The OUKITEL K3 will cost $139.99, while the OUKITEL U11 Plus will set you back $144.37 should you want to buy it. There are two phones left on the list, and they cost over $150. The OUKITEL K6000 will be priced at $158.66 on November 11, while the OUKITEL K10000 Pro will set you back $174.41, as it’s the second most expensive phone on this list, it’s still more affordable than the OUKITEL K10000 Max that we’ve talked about at the beginning of this paragraph.

We’ve also included an image down below which shows off all of these models and their discounted price points. Now, the devices that are listed here are considerably different one compared to the other, there are some similarities between some models, lithe OUKITEL K10000, K10000 Pro and K10000 Max, for example, but in general, each of these smartphones has something unique to offer. The OUKITEL K10000-branded phones, for example, come with a 10,000mAh non-removable battery and a rather interesting design, while the OUKITEL K5000 sports a 5,000mAh battery on the inside. If you’d like to know more about each of these smartphones, and perhaps purchase one when the time comes, follow the link / banner down below.


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