OnePlus 5T Puts An End To Cheating Android Benchmarks


Prospective OnePlus 5T buyers may be pleased to learn that the release of the aforementioned flagship phone will mark an interesting change in the OEM's methodology, in that synthetic benchmark results will no longer be manipulated to show unrealistic levels of performance and misrepresent day-to-day usage scenarios. This change comes months after it was discovered that the OnePlus 5 manipulates various benchmark tools including AnTuTu, Geekbench 4, and GFXBench to name a few, and at the end of the day, unaltered benchmark results should help consumers in forming a more accurate opinion regarding the levels of consistent performance they can expect from a particular device.

As numerous reports over the previous years would have you informed, the issue of benchmark cheating is not new in the world of smartphones as various OEMs have previously gotten their hands dirty and manipulated performance-gauging tools in order to make their products look better. In most previous cases, these alterations didn't necessarily result in better benchmark scores, and instead, some OEMs have manipulated these tools in order to reduce side effects such as CPU thermal throttling and variance. Nevertheless, OnePlus went one step further earlier this year with the release of the OnePlus 5, and leaned on a cheating mechanism designed to maximize the smartphone's performance in synthetic benchmarks and thus misrepresenting average performance. Although OnePlus initially defended this practice by claiming that it allows users to see the "true potential of the device," it now appears that the OEM is backtracking on those claims and has decided to no longer alter benchmark results in this fashion, according to XDA Developers.

With that being said, readers who may be considering the purchase of the OnePlus 5T flagship should now be able to refer to synthetic benchmarks and get a more accurate view on how the device will perform on a daily basis compared to other handsets. This also means that the OnePlus 5T should no longer be misrepresented in benchmark listings and instead, it should fit in the same league as any other flagship phone equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 system-on-chip. The OnePlus 5T is launching in North America and Europe today for the starting price of $499 and €499, respectively.

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