OnePlus 5T Lacks Wireless Charging Due To "Superior" Dash Charge


The OnePlus 5T will not feature wireless charging. In the company's words, the reason being is its own wired charging solution 'Dash Charge' is a "superior choice." The information on this comes from a new OnePlus forums post which explains the absence of wireless charging for the upcoming OnePlus phone by providing two reasons why Dash Charge is better. Although the two reasons are largely part of the same singular argument – speed of charge is the only thing that matters and offsets against other aspects including convenience.

OnePlus reiterates that as Dash Charge is capable of delivering "a day's power in half an hour" the need for wireless charging on the OnePlus 5T is largely redundant. OnePlus first explains this by stating that wireless charging solutions are generally less reliable than wired alternatives and even more so if compared to Dash Charge. With the second reason being as Dash Charge is capable of delivering a fast rate of charge, the method of charging is irrelevant. Suggesting that wherever a user is using the compatible cable and adapter will provide enough of a charge in a fast enough time when needed. Without the user having to rely on being near a compatible wireless charger.

While the forum post does make it clear that wireless charging is not yet up to OnePlus standards, the post does also highlight that wireless charging in general "is an exciting concept" and one which has shown significant improvement over recent generations. Adding that as it currently stands, it is not equal to, let alone an appropriate replacement, for Dash Charge. The post concludes stating that while wireless charging is not a suitable option for the OnePlus 5T, the company will continue to the evaluate the benefits on offer with wireless charging as they continue to improve with a view to including the technology in an upcoming model, but only "when the time is right." This post follows on from a similar one the company released last week which looked to explain the company is including a 3.5mm headphone jack on its upcoming phone and largely for the same reasons given here – wireless audio technology is not up to the standards of OnePlus.

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