Nokia Releases Two Limited Edition Nokia Steel Colors

Nokia has released two limited edition Nokia Steel colors and have made the two new watch variations available on its website in addition to the already available Black and White models. The two new colors will each cost a little bit different, with the first color, called Full Black, costing the same as the original two colors at $129.95, while the Rose Gold model will up the price a bit and will cost consumers $149.95 for that extra bit of shine and luster associated with the gold color.

Both new colors are already available for sale so there's no waiting for Nokia to get them in stock and no having to pre-order, so those who are interested in picking one up will be able to go do right this moment. One thing that is different with the two new colors compared to the first two colors is the limited amount of options on strap choices to customize the look and feel of the watch. While there are loads of options for colors and material for the Black and White Nokia Steel models, the Rose Gold option only comes with two strap colors which is a Gray option that comes in the box or a Rose Gold leather option, while the Full Black model will come with a Black strap, or a choice of brown leather option. The straps for both models that come in the box are silicone, whereas the White and Black models will have choices for leather, silicone, or woven materials.

Other than the colors of the watch faces and the strap choices that come with the Nokia Steel Limited Edition models, there are no differences in specs, hardware, or features compared to the standard models, so those wanting a more capable or powerful device aren't going to get something different here, and alternatively those who don't want to miss out on features won't be missing out if they don't opt for a Limited Edition Nokia Steel. For those not familiar with the Nokia Steel, it's essentially the rebranded Withings Steel, and comes with features like an 8-month battery life, and is capable of tracking activities like steps, distance, calories burned and more. It also acts as a standard watch, and has a traditional, classic watch look to it.

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