Nokia 2 For US GSM Carriers Hits Amazon At $99


The Nokia 2 for GSM carriers in the US market will apparently be available soon; the page for it is already up on Amazon, you just can't buy it yet. The phone is listed as being available for $99, and the model on offer will work on AT&T and T-Mobile. Obviously, this means that it's unlocked and will work on other GSM carriers, such as smaller networks like U.S. Cellular, or MNVOs like Cricket that use the two larger carriers' networks. There is no date listed for when it will become available, but the page is fully functional and ready to use, aside from the phone being "out of stock," which essentially means that sales have not yet begun. That said, Amazon does still let you add the item to your cart and make the purchase and delivery will be made once the stock is available.

The Nokia 2 is one of the first smartphones with a 32-bit Qualcomm processor released by a major OEM in quite some time. This one is the Snapdragon 212, an evolution of the Snapdragon 200 chip that powers some smartwatches. It's roughly comparable to the Snapdragon 410 that powered some versions of Motorola's Moto E and Moto G lineup, and is paired with 1GB of RAM in the Nokia 2. The kicker with the Snapdragon 212 is that it brings many modern network features and other optimizations to the ultra-budget space. The Nokia 2 also features 8GB of internal space, which can be supplemented by a MicroSD card. The back of the phone features an 8-megapixel camera, while a 5-megapixel unit adorns the front, alongside a 5-inch screen with a 720p resolution. The phone runs a thankfully clean version of Android 7.1.1 (Nougat). The massive 4,100mAh battery and metal body with Corning Gorilla Glass on the front make the phone hard to kill in any sense, and round out what would otherwise be a somewhat unremarkable package.

The Nokia 2, when it launches, will fill a niche below all of its siblings, bringing Nokia's clean software and high build quality to the ultra-budget segment. This phone will be the first in the US to launch at a sub-$100 price point and feature an aluminum body, quad-core processor, and full compatibility with high-speed LTE networks. This is far from a niche in more heavily populated or poorer markets like India and China, but a phone like this in the US serves to provide a viable unlocked device at about the same upfront price point as walking out of a carrier store with a new flagship in hand and an equipment installment plan on the books.

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