Nintendo's New Animal Crossing Game Hits Android A Day Early


Nintendo's latest mobile title, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, wasn't slated for release on Android until tomorrow, but the company has apparently decided to launch it a full day early. That means both fans and those who are new to the series can get started collecting bugs, fish, shells, and materials for crafting starting today. For those who are new to the series, Animal Crossing games generally center around a human protagonist – the player – living among animals, building up and decorating their own living spaces, completing tasks to help the animal characters out, digging for fossils, buying and designing clothing, hanging out with both residents and friends from the real world, and accomplishing other ordinarily mundane tasks.

In the first-ever mobile entry to the series, and as the game's title might suggest, players will be doing much of the same but the setting has been moved to a campground in the woods, with mobile gamers being given the role of a campsite manager. The series' staples such as home payments, decoration, and upgrading, have been redesigned with a focus on mobile campers and campgrounds themselves. Both the interior and exterior of the camper vehicle can be upgraded and more options become available as the player makes friends and levels up. The same rule applies to the campsite, in addition to furniture and other amenities which can be crafted using items collected. Once crafted, furniture can be moved around and arranged in any way you prefer. There are several different themes to choose from, as well, when undertaking all the rigors of campground life and making friends. Animal friends prefer specific themes and have their own personalities, so it pays to begin focusing on what the animals like once the player decides which are their favorite animals if they want those characters to enjoy hanging around. Meanwhile, collection opportunities have been separated into several areas which can be accessed via the in-game map and real-world friends or complete strangers can be added to join in on the fun. Players will bump into other players almost from the start simply by exploring the areas outside of their campsites.

The early gameplay of this entry can be a bit tedious since the depth of the series means it has quite a bit of tutorial-like material to run through. Moreover, there are in-app purchases with this application, used to purchase in-game currency for speeding up crafting, buying uses of the larger fishing nets, and more. With that said, the game already has quite a following and is part of a major Nintendo series, so it's probably worth a look all the same. The in-app purchases are also not required to beat any portion of the Android game since that currency and the more traditional Animal Crossing "Bells" currency can be gained in other ways such as completing tasks given by animal residents of the picturesque world, or selling items you have collected either to other players or at the in-game shop.


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