Motorola's New Ad Continues On From Samsung's 'Apple Ad'


Motorola today released a new promotional spot which seems to take its cue from a recent Samsung promotional spot. In fact, it does more than just take a cue from the previous ad, as it directly follows-on from the ad and continues the same story. With the one exception being you should buy a Moto phone instead of buying a Samsung phone.

The previous ad was one Samsung released back at the start of November to coincide with the launch of the latest Apple phones. Needless to say, the ad was designed to showcase how more technologically advanced Samsung's line of flagship phones are compared to Apple's. The ad even finished with the tagline "Upgrade to Galaxy." Which is what Motorola has now played on with Motorola's new ad coming with the tagline "Up-upgrade to Motorola." Building on the suggestion that once you migrate from iOS to Android with a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can then up-upgrade again to the likes of the Moto Z2 line.

To sum up the plot line (of both ads), Samsung's previous ad showed an Apple phone owner from 2007 through to 2017 before eventually turning to a Galaxy Note 8. In part due to the influence of a loved one who over the same time-span sported various Galaxy S line incarnations. The new Moto ads takes off exactly from where the Samsung ad ends (same scene) with the story-line showing what is a very similar couple. On this occasion, the main character returns home with their Galaxy phone only to find his loved one has "up-upgraded" to the Moto Z2 Play. Further playing on the Samsung ad, while the main character in Samsung's ad was seen having to watch from afar the various features that a Galaxy S phone has that an iPhone does not, the character in this latest episode has to watch his loved one's ability to cast videos and images to a wall – thanks to the Moto Z2 Play's compatibility with Moto Mods and in particular the Insta‑Share Projector. The YouTube description accompanying the video also makes this point, stating "why settle for edge-to-edge, when you could project your screen." You can see the latest ad in full below, and below that is the original Samsung video for those that missed it.


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