Morphite Is A Space Exploration Game By Crescent Moon Games

Crescent Moon Games' free-to-start game, Morphite: 3D FPS Planet Exploration, has officially hit the Google Play Store. It's worth noting that, as of this writing, the game is being released in its final beta. That means there may be one or two bugs and the developers recommend users restart their device if they see a blank screen when loading it up. Furthermore, it is recommended that players use a device from 2015 or later, at a minimum, to play Morphite and payment is required to access to the full story beyond the first two planets. That includes access to every weapon and powerup offered in the game. However, for fans of exploration titles and the shooter genre, this could end up being a must-have for Android.

As to the game itself, the story mode puts players in the shoes of Myrah Kale in the distant future, living with her adoptive father and working on a space station. From there, the player will set off exploring new planets in still-uncharted space - dealing with those planet's local inhabitants and wildlife - while searching for a rare material called Morphite. That will be key to helping Myrah discover her past. Planets that aren't part of the main story are procedurally created, which should lend to a generally unpredictable and interesting experience. Meanwhile, each planet features its own wildlife, aliens, and landscapes, while there are also other space stations for the player to explore. The player will, throughout the story, be tasked with solving environmental puzzles, gathering data on creatures encountered in order to upgrade their ship and weapons, battle bosses, face random encounters onboard their ship, complete side quests, collect and trade resources, and take part in real-time space battles. Throughout the story, they'll also be able to upgrade their suit to address various environmental circumstances and get new weapons and vehicles for use while exploring planets - which are also generated randomly.

Morphite is also designed around a nice-looking "Low-Poly" art style and features over 50 specially-created original soundtrack pieces. Beyond that, it has a couple of other premium features as well, including full voice-over work for each part of the main story and support for external controllers is built into the app - for those who want a more console-like experience. So it is definitely worth a look for anybody interested in these kinds of games.

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