Monument Valley 2 Hits The Google Play Store For $4.99


The follow-up to developer ustwo games' popular Android title Monument Valley – Monument Valley 2 – is finally available on the Google Play Store for $4.99. For those who may not know, Monument Valley is a mind-bending puzzler that has players tapping to guide the protagonist along a series of paths in minimalist scenes to effectively find the exit. Fans of the original title will appreciate that the developer appears to have held true to the original art style and premise of the game. In Monument Valley 2, the player will be navigating through new mind-boggling landscapes and new puzzles. As with the original, that will require manipulation of the environments themselves and a thoughtful approach, with the added twist of having two characters to control. According to the app's description, the story follows Ro as she teaches her child the secrets of their world and how to solve the puzzle themselves.

The original Monument Valley was a resounding success, with a 4.7-star rating from 148,003 reviewers and over 1 million downloads from the Play store. The introduction of a second player character should improve on that substantially, offering new mechanisms and an element of depth to Monument Valley 2. Better still, the second game doesn't actually tie into the story of the original, so players who are new to the series won't need to shell out an additional $3.99 for that title just to get caught up with what's happening in the new game. As of this writing, there also aren't any in-app purchases with Monument Valley 2, which the original title did have in the form of an expansion pack of new levels- though it isn't impossible that ustwo games will add additional puzzles later on as paid DLC. The only real caveats are that the game requires Android 4.4 (KitKat) or newer to play properly and it costs a dollar more than the original.

Monument Valley 2 has already managed to work up to a rating of 4.9-stars from more than 615 reviewers. So, given that the original Monument Valley is arguably among the best games to hit the Google Play Store, anybody interested in puzzle-heavy play mechanics who happens to have some spare play credit or cash to spend will probably want to check out this latest iteration.


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