Lineage 2: Revolution Set For A Big Global Launch On Android


Netmarble Games has a new title coming to the Google Play Store soon called Lineage 2: Revolution and the developers have even partnered with Conan O'Brien to promote the game. For clarity, the game itself has actually already launched in some markets and has been lauded as one of the best Android games in both Korea and Japan. So, this is actually the title's global launch. With regard to the game, Lineage 2: Revolution is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) based on a PC title which launched back in 2013. The mobile version of the game is built on Unreal Engine 4 and feature castle sieges, customizable characters, an in-depth class system, and PvP raids – as well as a new 50-vs-50 Fortress Siege mode. Players can form and join clans & guilds or just team up with other players to explore an open world and conquer raid dungeons. Up to 200 players can occupy the screen at a single time and both interaction and gameplay take place in real-time. The main storyline, meanwhile, will have players fighting together or alone to save the world as it is consumed by darkness.

As has become common enough these days with pre-registration, signing up before the game launches will also net players some exclusive perks. Lineage 2 seems to want to take that to an entirely new level. First off, players will gain access to a "Hero's Starter Pack," which contains Red Diamond and Adena (in-game currency), amounting to 1,200 units and 100,000 units respectively. Moreover, it includes five equipment selection boxes and Soul Crystal selection boxes. That's in addition to three Enhancement Scroll bundles, Upgrade Stone Bundles, and Varnish selection boxes. Beyond that, pre-registering nets players 100 Proof of Blood, HP potions, and MP potions, as well as 500 Rune Fragments and 1,000 Soulshots. Pre-registration will net Android players an additional 200 Red Diamond and everybody who signs up in advance will also get a full set of armor to start off with. Finally, one of the unique perks to signing up early, in this case, is that the developers are also allowing players to reserve both clan and character player names – helping prevent one of those awkward moments where a preferred name is already taken. So anybody interested in checking out Lineage 2: Revolution will probably want to head over to the Google Play Store button or source link below before it launches to get pre-registered.

As mentioned above, Netmarble is promoting Lineage 2 in a way that's a bit unusual for mobile applications. That's because the game is reportedly set to be featured in a two-part episode of Conan O'Brien's Clueless Gamer series, which is a series ordinarily reserved for console titles. The two videos are expected to premiere in the launch leadup for the game itself, with an addition behind-the-scenes look releasing the day of launch. As of this writing, unfortunately, there are still no Lineage 2: Revolution videos showing up on the Clueless Gamer website. However, the planned launch date of November 15th is rapidly approaching, so it shouldn't be too long before those videos appear online.


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