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LG OLED 65G7P Review
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While it’s certainly true that LG‘s mobile OLED division has come under fire lately for under-par displays, its OLED TV division is the polar opposite. In the last two years LG has pushed the OLED technology in the TV market further than any company has before, and this year they launched a new series of TVs with added functionality and some enhanced designs. The OLED65G7P is the 65-inch version of the 2017 G7 line, and it retails for $6,999. LG also sells a larger 77-inch mode, the OLED77G7P, for $14,999 MSRP as well, which has the same features and an incredibly large display.

Both units use the same quality OLED panel with the same features, as well as the same fantastic Dolby Atmos 4.2 channel soundbar attached to the stand. This stand converts into a wall mount, and supports the incredibly elegant frame of the TV. At 2.57mm thin, the display itself is a wonder to behold. Most smartphones are at least three times as thick, and as such it truly feels like the G7P is a paper thin display. Sitting on a sturdy piece of glass, the OLED display is also a thing of wonder to behold. Pushing an infinite contrast ratio, perfect black levels and incredible colors, this HDR capable 4K display has everything you could ask for in a top-tier display. Since LG supports all available HDR standards, you can expect that the HLG broadcast standard, HDR10 and Dolby Vision standards all look incredible, no matter the source material.

Those looking for the same quality display can check out one of LG’s less expensive models in the B7, C7 or E7 series TVs, which include the same OLED panel, but feature a different design and don’t include the same Dolby Atmos 4.2 channel soundbar. There’s also the more expensive LG OLED W series too, which mounts on a wall like a piece of art and comes with a dedicated, detached soundbar. WebOS 3.5 is at the heart of the experience, and despite some lackluster app experiences, WebOS is an awesome OS with a unique design and tons of functionality. There are plenty of options to tune the picture to your liking as well, and LG’s latest updates include new Technicolor presets that look absolutely amazing out of the box. Check out the video below for the verdict, and don’t forget to check out our full written review for all the nitty-gritty details!