HTC Vive Europe Black Friday Deals Include Games, Bonuses

HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap AH NS 11

HTC Vive Europe has officially unveiled its Vive-centric Black Friday deals for this year, which run through Cyber Monday and include discounts on DOOM VFR and Fallout 4 VR, as well as discounted Viveport subscriptions and some free bonuses for new Vive buyers. DOOM VFR is set to release on December 12, and costs £19.99 for the Black Friday deal. Fallout 4 VR costs £39.99 for Black Friday, and will be released Those who purchase a Vive headset between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, meanwhile, will get the two Bethesda games for free when they release, as well as a free Deluxe Audio Strap, an accessory that normally costs £99.

On the Viveport side of things, the deals actually start a bit early. From November 22 onward, users can subscribe to Viveport for a locked-in promotional price of £6.99 per month. That membership will not only get them 5 curated apps and games per month, but will also unlock big discounts on bundles of apps for Black Friday. Subscribers can get 15 apps for only £12.99, 30 apps for £19.99, or 60 apps for £29.99. The value proposition climbs each tier, with the highest offering roughly 63% off the normal prices that one would expect to pay for that many Viveport apps. HTC’s press release regarding the deals did not say whether there were any restrictions on which apps users could choose.

The game purchases, whether you buy them alone through Vive or get a headset, come in the form of pre-order codes, since they’re not out yet. The Vive itself is not discounted, nor is the Deluxe Audio Strap, if you want to buy one and already have a Vive. The Viveport deals, meanwhile, only apply during the Black Friday sale; if you nab a cheap Viveport subscription now, the prices for app and game bundles go back up to their normal range after the promotional period is over. In the wake of the tempting deal, it’s worth noting that the Vive has beefy system requirements; you’ll need a PC with a recent Intel Core i5 processor or equivalent, along with plenty of RAM and a powerful video card. Nothing less than an NVIDIA GTX 970 or equivalent will do.