HTC Adds 26 More Companies To Vive X VR Accelerator Program

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Twenty-six more startup companies from across the world have joined HTC’s Vive X accelerator program for augmented reality and virtual reality as part of efforts to help advance the AR/VR platform on a global scale. The new companies form the third batch of startups for Vive X, and will gain access to various resources, planning methods, professional expertise and networking opportunities across the industry provided by HTC Vive, with the goal of helping startup businesses polish and bring their products to market.

The third batch of Vive X participants comes from places where HTC Vive also previously picked out the earlier sets of startup companies including San Francisco, Beijing, Shenzhen and Taipei. Vive X participants from those cities range from software solutions providers such as Apelab and CALA and game development studios including Cloudgate Studio and Future Tech, to real-time surgical imaging system provider eLoupes and brain-computer interface developer Neurable, among many other VR-focused startups. While those startup companies are based in cities where Vive X has already made its footprint, the accelerator program has also been expanded into its new and fifth location: Tel Aviv. At least two companies have been selected from that city as of this time such as Astral Vision, which converts amusement park rides into a virtual model, and Remmersive, which builds new immersive driving simulators. Click on the source link below to view the full list of startup firms that compose the third batch for the Vive X accelerator program.

According to Marc Metis, Vice President at HTC Vive, those startup companies hold teams of professionals with expertise in key verticals such as health care, entertainment, education and enterprise. Like the previous batches of startups, these new entrants will receive funding from HTC and a full package of developer support intended to help developers materialize their ideas and concepts in the form of real AR and VR devices. HTC announced the Vive X program in April last year with an investment of up to $100 million in a bid to expand its own VR/AR platform. Then in July 2016, the first batch of Vive X participants was unveiled at the China International Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference.