Holiday Gift Guide 2017 – 2018 Highlights: Sony GTKXB60/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker


Speakers come in many different sizes, with different sounding audio, but if you or someone on your list this holiday season, is in need of a new Bluetooth speaker, look no further than the Sony GTKXB60/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker. It does have a bit of a clunky name, but it is definitely not a clunky speaker. This speaker from Sony checks just about every box there is, when it comes to Bluetooth speakers, and it even has a light show.

The Sony GTKXB60/B is a newer speaker from the company, it debuted this fall as a portable Bluetooth speaker. And it’s perfect for a house party, or really any party. Sony has included club-like LED illuminations on this speaker, that go along with the beat and creates a rather impressive show. And to make things even better, you can pair multiple speakers together and really have a good looking and sounding house party this holiday season. This is especially useful if you have a larger home or room that you are looking to fill with audio. Daisy-chaining these speakers is pretty easy with the Sony Music Center app. The Sony GTKXB60/B will take your party up a notch, with these lights and strobing lights, which really create a club-like atmosphere. It’s pretty difficult for words to do this speaker justice when it comes to the light show, but it is really impressive, especially since it does have that built-in battery, and can last a fairly long time before needing to be recharged.


Now this speaker is part of Sony’s Extra Bass lineup, which means you’re going to have some pretty deep and punchy bass from this speaker. That makes it perfect for different parties and such. This speaker is larger than most “portable” speakers, which allows it to have more oomph to its audio. This speaker’s Extra Bass functionality will reinforce the bassline and get everyone pumped up to start dancing or just enjoying themselves. The low-end power is truly incredible, and you won’t really see just how well it can perform, until you play some bass-heavy music. This is a portable speaker, so you can move it outside (although it’s not water-resistant) and still enjoy the music. The battery will last around 14 hours, or if you have it turned all the way up, it’ll be around 3.5 hours. Which isn’t the best battery life, but with this one, you’re sacrificing good battery life for better sound quality, which is definitely worth the sacrifice.

So if you are on the lookout for a new Bluetooth speaker, and see a number of those really cheap speakers available to buy but aren’t too sure how good they are, step it up to a more premium speaker. That’s what Sony is offering with the GTKXB60/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker here. This is a premium Bluetooth speaker, that also produces a ton of volume, and no matter who you are planning to buy this for, they will be grateful that you picked up this speaker.

Where to buy the Sony GTKXB60/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker

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