Holiday Gift Guide 2017 – 2018 Highlight: Samsung Galaxy Note 8


This is certainly not going to be the most affordable gift to buy for someone (or for yourself) during this Holiday season, but then again there is no phone available right now quite like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Which makes this an easy pick to be in the spotlight during the Holidays. Samsung is one of the biggest and most prolific Android phone manufacturers and when it comes to its extensive portfolio of devices, the Galaxy Note 8 sits atop the tree. Yes, the Galaxy S8 (and even more so the Galaxy S8+) offer a similar experience and at a cheaper price, but, similar is not the same.

After all, the Galaxy Note 8 is the pen phone. Unlike all other smartphones that come to market, the Galaxy Note range's iconic feature is its inclusion of a stylus and by association a number of stylus-related features. Samsung took this to the next level with this year's model though, so as well as all of the usual writing-related features on offer, owners of the Note 8 are able to make use of new features such as Live Messages. This is where the owner is able to literally draw and write on images and personalize messages. Whether you want to send someone a hand-drawn emoji, or just a more personally annotated GIF, the Note 8 is literally the phone to do it with.


Are you more of a camera person than a stylus person? If so, then the Galaxy Note 8 has you covered here as well. While Samsung has always been known for offering a good camera experience on its smartphones, this year the company doubled-down on the experience. Literally! As the Galaxy Note 8 is the first major Samsung phone to come packed with a dual camera setup on the back of the device. But that is not all. While most dual rear camera setups now allow you to make use of the buzz phrase bokeh effect the Galaxy Note 8 once again takes it to a new level. Allowing you to manually adjust the level of blur after the image has been taken. Adding to that, Samsung's Dual Capture feature looks to improve on the standard dual camera experience by taking two images at the same time. This provides image-takers with the option of choosing between the image taken using Live Focus and a more standard-looking image – as if two different people were taking a photo at the same time. So when it comes to the camera experience, Samsung is offering a feature-packed and highly customized solution.

And this is all before we even get started on the actual design and build quality of the smartphone (which is arguably the most attractive-looking device on the market), or the use of an 'Infinity Display' which adopts the now-trending 18:9 aspect ratio resulting in a taller and slimmer viewing experience, or the general run-of-the-mill specs (which are anything but run-of-the-mill), or even the other extra added value features that are thrown in for good measure – like Edge display and functionality, the enhanced security perks offered by Samsung, Samsung Pay, Samsung Bixby, the list goes on. To sum up, if you or someone you know is after a new smartphone this Holiday season, whatever your criteria is for that new smartphone the Galaxy Note 8 has been designed with you in mind.

Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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