Holiday Gift Guide 2017 – 2018 Highlight: Samsung Chromebook Plus

Chromebook Plus Editors Choice AH 01

If you are someone you know is in the market for a new Chromebook during the Holiday period then one option which should definitely be on the consideration list is the Samsung Chromebook Plus. As it is almost impossible to begin to explain the number of features on offer with this Chromebook. Literally, if you were to create a checklist of what you would like to have included with a new Chromebook purchase, chances are good the Chromebook Plus would check most, if not all of those boxes.

The clear and major selling points with the Chromebook Plus is its combination of power, build quality, and features. This is designed to be a very well-built and premium Chromebook and so does come with the outer body you would expect from a more premium offering. This is not just defined as more premium components, but also premium design features such as a 360-degree rotating hinge for use in various positions including a tablet mode. Although these hinges are becoming more common on higher-priced Chromebooks what you will not find on similar-priced Chromebooks is the inclusion of a stylus. Which along with the included Android app support (which this Chromebook almost seems purpose-built for) is going to greatly extend the capabilities and appeal of this Chromebook. As a result of its design and the combination of build and features, this Chromebook can not only act as your Chromebook, but also your tablet, and in some respects a stylus-compatible, Android-based, laptop option.


In spite of this being highlighted as the Chromebook recommendation for the 2017 Holiday Season, this is not actually the best Chromebook you can buy as that title currently belongs to the Google Pixelbook. In fact, this is not even the best Samsung Chromebook you can buy as that title belongs to the Samsung Chromebook Pro. However, the Plus version comes in at a much more accommodating price compared to the Pixelbook, and lower enough compared to the Chromebook Pro from Samsung to offset against the difference between the two Samsung options. Which in reality, is very little as the two Samsung Chromebooks come with a near-identical spec list. So although you could spend that extra $50 (at least) on the Chromebook Pro the only real benefit you are getting is the inclusion of a Intel Core m3 processor – compared to the OP1 processor included in the Plus model. On this point, it is worth noting that while the OP1 processor is not as well-known (and clearly does not command as high of a price as the Core m3), this is a processor designed with Chrome OS in mind. It is literally a processor built for Chromebooks. Furthermore, due to the rather lightweight nature of Chromebook performance in general, the OP1 is a more than capable processor for this Chromebook.

In short, those looking for a new Chromebook option really are best off saving as much as they can and opting for the Plus model over the Pro version. Yes, there are also more affordable Chromebooks (literally, plenty of them) but the value you are getting when all things are considered makes the Samsung Chromebook Plus the best Chromebook option right now for the money. This Chromebook is priced well enough to be considered affordable for a high-end model, is powerful, capable, and comes with every feature you can think of touted by a Chromebook in 2017. While you can spend more, with the Chromebook Plus you do not need to.

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