Grow With Google Program Hits Indianapolis For The Weekend


Web giant Google brought its Grow With Google initiative to Indianapolis for a weekend of workshops, seminars, coaching, and panel talks. The company descended upon the Indiana State Museum to spend the weekend working with interested parties like job seekers and small businesses to help them grow their skills and outlook to fit the modern job market, an increasingly digital space. Google partnered up with a wide range of local and national organizations to make it all happen, such as Goodwill of Central and Southern Indiana, Techpoint, and EmployIndy. The event consisted of more than 20 workshops and over 100 hands-on coaching sessions meant to help arm Indianapolis area citizens and organizations with the right tools and resources to modernize for the current and upcoming market.

Tech companies have a vested interest in making sure that the fresh job seekers of today and the students and scholars who will be job seekers tomorrow know what they're doing and are ready for the digital economy that the tech industry is hard at work creating and setting the stage for. Grow With Google is made for exactly that, and not only helps to counsel and improve individuals and businesses, but often partners up with local educational institutions and other entities to help put workers on the long-term path toward validity and usefulness in a future market where creative pursuits and programming may end up being among the few jobs left for humans to work. Jobs based on passion and artisanal craftsmanship are also likely to endure, such as employment at Janus Motorcycles, a business success story featured by Google at the Indianapolis event. As seen in the YouTube video below, working at Janus is all about having a passion for handcrafting motorcycles, and taking pride in the work you do with your own hands.

Grow With Google is a large-scale investment program wherein Google has promised to devote $1 billion to indiscriminate job training across the US. This has thus far come in the form of long-form conference-style events across the US, where Google helps people and businesses to adapt to the market by providing job training and other considerations, much like the conference in Indianapolis. On the list for now are Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Lansing, Michigan, Savannah, Georgia, Columbia, South Carolina, and Louisville, Kentucky. On the official page for Grow With Google, interested parties can sign up to be notified when an event is scheduled for their area.


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