Google & Volkswagen Partner On Quantum Computing Research

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Google and the Volkswagen Group have teamed up to jointly conduct research on the use of quantum computers in various areas such as refining the flow of traffic, designing new electric vehicle batteries and developing artificial intelligence for autonomous driving using machine learning. The research collaboration between the search giant and the automotive company will bring together specialists from both organizations who will work on algorithms, simulations and optimizations by using Google’s universal quantum computers with the long-term goal of helping to address various complex real-world situations.

Quantum computers are supposed to be capable of performing computing tasks to solve complex problems much faster than a typical supercomputer that uses only binary systems to complete some tasks. In some instances, the binary system is not applicable and only a quantum computer can be used to perform highly sophisticated tasks. As part of the partnership, specialists from Volkswagen Group will be granted permission to gain access to Google’s quantum computers in order to process data including information meant to help optimize traffic in urban areas and eventually shorten travel times. In another collaborative project, the team will work to unearth new structures of powerful batteries that can fulfill even the most demanding requirements for various materials including electric vehicles. The goal is to explore new methods and approach for constructing vehicles and batteries. Finally, the other project involves the use of machine learning to develop advanced AI technologies which will be applied to self-driving vehicles. It’s not the first time, though, that Volkswagen invests its resources in AI-related initiatives. This June, Volkswagen partnered with NVIDIA to expand its machine learning capabilities and create AI solutions, which the German carmaker plans to incorporate into its line of vehicle products.

Volkswagen partnership with Google comes a few months after it was previously reported that the Mountain View, California-based internet giant considered offerings access to its quantum computers to AI researchers in a bid to get more developers to build apps for the platform. The move is part of a wider effort to expand its cloud-based offerings for customers, with a new lab called the Embryonic Quantum Data Center being set to house various quantum computing projects. So it is possible that the Google and Volkswagen team will carry out its quantum computing works in the said lab.