Google Search Now Features An All-In-One Finance Tab

Google is rolling out a new Finance tab for Search and says the feature is being distributed to both desktops and mobile devices, as per its Tuesday statement on the matter. The tab keeps most of the information from Google Finance in one place and allows an expanded view of finance-related news and information for search results. When searching for a company or entity with finance information to view, the tab will show stock prices for that company, as well as relevant industry news. In another section of this new tab called Market Summary, users can view stock prices and trends, industry news, and global finance news, with a focus on companies that they have searched or otherwise shown interest for in the past. As an important note, the Finance tab is where one's stock portfolios can now be found as they've been removed from the main Google Finance page.

The interface scales automatically to your screen, providing either a two-lane or one-lane view depending on screen resolution, zoom level, and content on offer, as seen in the screenshots below. When going into the Finance tab for a search result, you can find not only the stock prices for that company, but also separate tabs for relevant news and announcements, a place to compare that company's stocks to others, and an overview of the firm's financials, with quarterly numbers and other relevant figures.

The Market Summary section of the Finance Tab is geared more toward individual users and gives an overview of companies that they have shown interest in, along with a list of companies that Google thinks the user may be interested in going forward. Users can follow stocks directly from that ticker, and they'll be shown in the nested tab labeled Your Stocks. Local Markets shows news stories and stocks within a user's home country, while the World Markets section shows top finance news and stocks from around the world, giving a cohesive picture of how a user's interests and companies they're familiar with may fit into the global financial scene. The new tab is being rolled out in stages and may take a while to reach you.

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