Google Search Gets New Donate Button For U.S. Nonprofits

Google Search Donate Button

Google is already in a giving mood, and it has just made it a lot easier for users to donate money to nonprofit organizations straight from the search page. The company added a new donate button in Google Search, allowing users to give money to their preferred cause in just a few clicks or taps. Google Search is widely used worldwide to find a variety of information, including more details on various organizations or nonprofits. Now, upon searching from nonprofits based in United States, users will also see a new Donate button that will take them straight to the right page to contribute to that nonprofit organization. This can save valuable time and hassle, which in turn could motivate more users to contribute to the causes important to them.

Companies such as Google are always trying to get involved in causes, raise awareness and help others contribute as well. Many people donated to nonprofits in times of crisis and disasters, and it has made a great difference for those affected. Google is trying to find more ways to help people get involved and the new Google Search donate button is just the latest tool. The new donate button comes just in time, since Christmas is less than a month away. The holidays typically inspire people to be more generous and make good deeds, and Google says that nearly 30 percent of donations occur during the holiday season. Since it’s around the holidays that people most search for ways to donate and help nonprofits, Google is taking advantage of this trend to introduce its new feature at the perfect time.

The new Google Search donate button is currently available with a range of U.S. organizations that have opted in via Google for Nonprofits. The company is encouraging more organizations to opt in in the future, which would also make them eligible to receive donations straight from the Google Search page. In time, users should have more choices when it comes to donating from Google Search. The option should make it easier for nonprofit organizations to gain more supporters and raise more funds, and it could also encourage more users to give money to causes during the holidays, as well as after.