Google Rolls Out Fiber Service In San Antonio, Texas For $55


Web giant Google has officially begun rolling out Google Fiber service in San Antonio, Texas. The rollout is starting with availability in the West End Park and Westover Hills areas, and will be expanding outward from those territories over time. Residents who are in those areas will find that they're able to get a gigabit internet connection for only $55 per month, with no installation fees or other miscellaneous charges. As with other serviceable territories, installation in San Antonio comes with a free router, along with a chance to jump on a free month of YouTube TV.

San Antonio customers will find that their $55 gets them a full-on gigabit connection. If they occupy a particularly spacious home or other service building, users can purchase extra routers on top of the single free one that comes with installation. The router in question is the Google Wifi router, which has many special features like parental controls and traffic monitoring included out of the gate, with no need for third-party software or accessories. Those who want to subscribe to YouTube TV at the time they sign up for Fiber can nab a free month of the service, and Google will even throw in an NVIDIA Shield TV, the most powerful and gamer-friendly Android TV device on the market. The service includes live TV from a range of local providers, along with some premium national channels. It's no replacement for digital cable if you're into pay-per-view or have kids who like very specific shows, but the average cord cutter stands a good chance of coming away satisfied.

After the free month of YouTube TV, users can expect to pay $35 per month for YouTube TV, bringing their total price to $90 per month, without purchasing extra routers at installation time. Google has yet to announce how quickly it plans to spread service outward from the first two territories within San Antonio. Last month, the company made a similar move in Saint Louis, rolling out full-service Fiber with a special deal. Signups in the first two neighborhoods are open until December 21, and Google has stated that it will be expanding the service in the meantime.

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