Google Offers Pixel 2 Owners Photo Taking Tips

Google's has revealed ten tips for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL owners in an attempt to help them get the most out of either handset's camera in the built-in portrait mode. That's because, for those who still may not have heard, the two devices feature some of the best photo-taking hardware to have ever graced a smartphone - and arguably the very best, for the time being. So it makes sense that Google would want to help its users snap better, more memorable images now that the holidays are fast approaching. Google is also encouraging users to reshare images on social media, using the hashtag #teampixel, for a chance at having the images featured in future Google posts.

Google starts out by recommending a change-up in the distances an image is being shot at. The photographer should move closer to the subject while moving to a position where there is a greater distance between the subject and the background, wherever possible. The result should be a heavier amount of blur in the background while bringing the subject - whatever the subject happens to be - into crystal-clear focus. Meanwhile, Google also says that while capturing moments with more than one subject, photos will turn out best if each subject is an equal distance from the camera. For the best images, photos should be shot with either "clean" backgrounds or against backdrops that have lined patterns such as a bricks or staircases because those tend to provide the best sense of depth. That's as opposed to backgrounds containing lots of clutter or other people. The subject should ordinarily be placed in the foreground of the shot, to prevent an unintentional bokeh effect on the subject itself. Tying into each of those things, Google says the Pixel 2's grid tool can be used to make sure the subject is in a desirable position formulaically. However, users can still get great images by switching up to an angled perspective or altering the height a shot is being taken from and then tapping on the desired subject on their screen - which redirects the focal point to whatever was tapped on. Tapping is also particularly useful when the image is washed out by a light source behind the subject. Beyond that, the Pixel 2's software has manual tools to aid in getting the perfect shot, including exposure adjustment - which is easily accessed by first tapping and then sliding up or down on the screen. Finally, the company says images taken in diffuse lighting, as is provided by shaded outdoors areas or cloud cover, tend to have the best color saturation and help to prevent squinting.

It's worth pointing out that some of the tips Google has outlined could certainly be used with almost any smartphone and should be helpful for just about anybody. Others are, of course, more dependent on the array of camera-related hardware and software found exclusively in the Pixel devices. In any case, anybody who is interested in better mobile photography will probably want to head over to the source link below for a more in-depth look at each of the tips and more high-quality example images.

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