Google Home App Gets Improved Browsing Functionality & More

Google Home Google Assistant AM AH 0027

The Google Home app has received a bevy of fresh updates that are supposed to improve the browsing functionality through the companion mobile solution for the voice-activated smart speaker. With the new update, the search giant has enhanced the way you look for sound tracks, movies and TV shows using the Google Home mobile app by adding more intelligent functions to it.

On the user interface side of things first, part of the update is a revamp to the design of the app to give it a more intuitive feel. That change includes the transfer of key navigation buttons to the bottom, placing them near your fingers so you won’t have a hard time groping for them. This user interface overhaul follows the Google Home app’s update in early October which moved the navigation tabs to the bottom in an attempt to make it easier to navigate the app. Previously, the tabs were located at the top of the page, including the Watch, Listen, and Discover tabs. In that design makeover, though, Google Home app ditched the Watch and Listen tabs while placing the Discover tab at the bottom alongside another tab called Browse.

The Google Home app also now displays suggested movies, music and TV shows right from the streaming services you have signed up for so that it is easier to search for your favorite content through this streamlined approach. Additionally, Google improved how you find the content you are looking for but can’t remember its name or title, for example: there is now a new option to search for content by category, artist, actor and genre. So the next time you wish to find the latest Pixar animation, for instance, you can do so by actor or any related search term. If you happen to be an Android user with a Google Home app installed in your device, you can start casting movie trailers on your TV without having to stop playing the same trailer on your handset. Finally, the latest update to the Google Home app includes additional controls over how you watch movies and TV shows or listen to your favorite sound track. These include the ability to alter sound settings on your smart speaker.