Google Files For Android One Logo Canadian Trademark

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Google has filed for an Android One logo trademark in Canada, which signifies that Google is finally looking at launching the Android One brand within the region at some point. The trademark can be found over at the Government of Canada’s trademarks database website, showing that Google actually filed for the trademark officially as of October 23rd. That said this is just a logo and the filing doesn’t mention anything about what Google’s plans are for the Android One brand in the region.

There’s currently no information about which devices Google plans to launch in the country, though perhaps the most likely would be the Moto X4 and/or the HTC U11 Life, both of which have already been established as the first two Android One devices meant for the U.S., so it would make sense if Google decided to extend either one or both of those phones to a wider sector of the North American market by introducing them to Canadian consumers too.

Now that Google has got the ball rolling to expand Android One further across North America, all that remains is to wait and see when it will actually launch smartphones, which could still be pretty far out. When Android One initially launched it started with emerging countries where Google wanted to reach the next billion users, launching in countries like India, Pakistan, Myanmar, The Philippines and others, and only just reaching North American shores with the Moto X4 and HTC U11 Life (a T-Mobile exclusive) in the U.S. within the last couple of months, as well as Mexico with the Xiaomi Mi A1 that was officially announced back in the beginning of the Fall. Speaking of the Xiaomi Mi A1, this is another device which could potentially launch in Canada, though during its announcement it was never mentioned whether or not Canada would be one of the countries where the device would eventually be available. Although Android One had only been available in a small number of countries in the beginning, it has slowly but surely grown into a larger effort in connecting the next billion users and has picked up steam over the last year.