GearBest Intros '11.11' Deals Event, Huge Discounts Are Here

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GearBest has just announced that its ‘11.11’ sale, also known as Singles’ Day sale, is on the way. For those of you who do not know, this day marks a huge sale in China, November 11, but GearBest has decided to expand that quite a bit, as the company’s sales period is starting today, and will last for around 20 days or so, though the items that are on sale will change, as the company organized various rounds of sales as part of this huge sales event. In any case, if you’d like to know more, read on.

GearBest has organized its huge sales event in three parts, the first part is called ‘Play Game for Gifts & Coupons’, and it kicks off on November 1 (today, it’s already live), while it will end on November 7. From November 8 to November 12, you’ll be able to participate in the ‘Grab Savings Galore!’ portion of the sales event, while the November 13 – November 20 is reserved for ‘Prime Time Thanksgiving’. In every portion of this sales event you’ll be able to grab various devices at lower price points, devices like the Redmi Note 4, Xiaomi Mi 6, and Elephone S8 are on sale as we speak, for example, while you can also grab various other devices if you follow the link / banner down below, which will take you straight to GearBest. Now, if you follow the aforementioned link, you will be able to see various deals subcategories on GearBest, including ‘11.11 Epic Flash Deals’, ‘11.11 Your Lucky Bags’, ‘11.11 Top Brands’, ‘11.11 New Buyers Only’, and so on. These subcategories basically give you a chance to access various different gadgets, whether be it through organized sales, brand names or something else completely.

Now, some of you are probably wondering what are ‘Your Lucky Bags’, well, these are some sort of gadgets bundled in, though you never know what you’re getting. What is certain, however, is that products in these ‘bags’ are worth more than you’ll pay for them, and GearBest says you’ll definitely be surprised when you open each one of them. If you’re interested in Xiaomi’s products, you can always visit a specialized Xiaomi sales page that the company launched, while you can find coupons for a ton of products by clicking here. If you live in Europe, and you’re worried about customs costs, because your country has really strict rules about that, you can always hit up GearBest’s EU Warehouse Clearance page where you’ll find a number of interesting sales, while US customers can always check out the ‘US Warehouse Collection’ GearBest page.


GearBest 11.11 Sale