Facebook Implements Photo & GIF Feature In Polling Option


Pollsters on Facebook will be happy to hear that the service has picked up another new feature that now allows users to select GIFs and images for their polls instead of just text. Unfortunately, the new feature is limited to only two poll options as compared to some competing platforms, but it should make polling for opinions a bit more interesting nonetheless. In the meantime, using the new feature is fairly straightforward. As with prior polling options on Facebook, users simply need to click on the option to create a new post and then click the poll button below the input field. After typing in a question for the poll and choosing how long the poll will run for, clicking the camera or GIF icon allows either type of media to be selected, with or without accompanying response text. Following those steps should work whether a given user is on the web or on mobile.

Facebook has been adding quite a few polling-specific options lately, as well as putting a lot of effort into combating other problems it sees with its platform. The new features have arguably helped keep the social media giant relevant as it continues to push its daily and monthly users numbers to new heights – maintaining its dominance among social media platforms. Among those more recently added features was an option which allowed users to place polls inside of group chats via the company's dedicated messaging application.  However, as of this writing, it doesn't look like this latest enhancement has been added there yet. Unfortunately, there's also no word yet as to whether or not the new photo and GIF polling will be incorporated into Facebook Messenger at all. With that said, it isn't unlikely that it will eventually be included.

In the meantime, anybody who happens to be interested in checking out the new tool and posting a graphically enhanced poll of their own should probably start by making sure that their Facebook application has been updated to the latest version. That can be accomplished via the Google Play Store button below. It should be noted that, as with any other new feature, this may not have had a chance to hit every user yet but should be rolled out within just a few days.


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