Facebook Enables Sharing Of Stories On Groups & Events Pages

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Facebook is adding more ways to share original content with friends and family across its ecosystem by introducing the Stories feature to Groups and Events pages. The latest overhaul to Facebook Story means that members of pages for Groups and Events can now add content to a Story that will be displayed to other members of that page, provided it has been approved for posting by the page admins. It is worth pointing out that although multiple users can contribute to a Facebook Story for Groups and Events, only those allowed to see it can view the content. In addition to the Events and Group pages, the Facebook Story in question will also be visible at the top of the News Feed, so users can see the content they have shared across the entire ecosystem of the social networking site.

The ability to post on Facebook Stories is possible while inside a Group or Event page, though users can also add content there from the Facebook Stories share page. Unlike the regular Facebook Stories posts, Stories that appear on Groups and Events will be regulated by page admins in conformity with community standards for posting. That means posts that do not follow certain rules and regulations set by the admins can be removed from Facebook Stories for Groups and Events. Page admins can also choose to push contributions to the waiting line so that posts will need admin approval before they get through to Stories. There will be an open bubble rearing over the News Feed, which users can click to initiate the process of sharing something to Group or Event Stories, provided they have been invited to an event or a community.

The new feature is part of a broader change that the Menlo Park, California-based company made to its ephemeral sharing feature. Facebook just recently integrated the Messenger Day to Facebook Stories to produce a refreshed feature called “Stories,” with the social networking giant noting that most users consider the previously separate features as quite similar in nature, though that is not exactly the case. Facebook streamlined the two services following an analysis of user feedback that favored the integration of Messenger Day and Facebook Stories.