Essential's AMA: Portrait Mode, Oreo Update, And More

Essential is a company behind the Essential PH-1 smartphone, and the company just answered a ton of questions on Reddit regarding the device, as part of the AMA session. Now, as part of this session, Essential answered quite a few questions regarding the phone, and people who own the device will probably be most interested in the camera info. Essential announced that the Essential PH-1’s camera will be receiving an update which contains a portrait mode starting today. That being said, let’s see what else Essential shared, shall we.

First of all, it’s worth noting that this AMA session included Essential’s VP of Software, VP of hardware, one of the company’s Quality Engineers and a Software Program Manager. Now, In addition to the camera info, the company also said that Android Oreo Beta V2 will arrive to the device next week, for those of you who are running Essential’s beta software. The company confirmed that it’s working on removing screen-scrolling jitters, they labeled it as ‘work in progress’. Essential is also planning to introduce some customizability when it comes to the phone’s vibrating motor, as some users feel like it’s too strong, so the company will give you an option to tone that down it seems. The Essential Charging dock is on the way, it’s ready for the market, but it’s waiting for a regulatory clearance before the company is able to sell it, and Essential promised that the price will be ‘reasonable’.

The company’s employees also said that the Android 8.1 Oreo update will hopefully follow soon after the PH-1’s first public Android 8.0 Oreo release, though they did not share any specific info just yet. Aptx for Bluetooth is also coming, it seems to be ready, but the regulatory procedure has not been concluded just yet. Essential also promised that the Stellar Gray color variant of the device is coming before the end of the year, and the company also said that it wants to ensure that its next smartphone is easier to repair. Essential also confirmed that it’s working with automobile companies in order to fix Android Auto compatibility issues (with Honda and Hyundai), while a front-facing flash for the camera is coming as well, it will be available in the future, but no timeframe was given. By ‘front-facing flash’, we, of course, mean display flash, not an actual LED flash as the Essential PH-1 does not come with that sensor. And last, but not least, the company is hoping to have Android Treble implemented around the same time a stable version of Android 8.0 Oreo drops for the Essential PH-1.

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