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Google has reportedly been hard at work creating its very own file management application, which momentarily showed up in the Google Play Store as a beta download for select users before being taken down. The app is called Files Go and has a ton of great features, as one would probably expect from a Google-made application. However, there haven't been any rumors about Files Go prior to the temporary release and there's no known timeline for when it might see release – let alone any indication of what regions it may end up released for.

Meanwhile, features of the application – as reported by the source and shown in some of the associated Play Store screenshots captured goes beyond what is ordinarily found in some of the more run-of-the-mill file management apps. It does, of course, allow for users to explore files and even to sort them by type or by whether they were stored on-device versus on an SD card. Files Go also allows users to view stats for the two storage mediums and provided tips on how a user could free up storage. Tied into that is a tool for uninstalling apps which are used infrequently, as well as another feature allowing application cache and messaging specific media or data to be deleted. Finally, tools within the application also allow for files to be sent or received to or from local devices – presumably over some form of wireless connection, whether Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

With all of that said, there are a lot of great file managers already available for Android, and the name of this app, in particular, seems to point toward something intended for the budget-friendly portion of the smartphone market. That follows from an announcement earlier this year where the company revealed Android Go as a low-spec-friendly alternative to stock Android. Bearing that in mind, its hard to say for sure if that is the purpose it is intended to serve without some kind of official unveiling. While everybody is waiting for that to happen, in the meantime, there is already an APK available for Files Go through the button below. It's worth noting, however, that the version which hit the Google Play Store was a beta. So anybody wanting to check it out before its final release should be prepared for some bugs.


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