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Facebook users know that the option to completely banish a post from your timeline and history is a valuable one, but many are reporting that the main avenue for that is gone, at least on the desktop version of the popular social network. Users on mobile can still delete posts without any issues, straight from their timelines. Strangely enough, the option to delete posts from the activity log, rather than the upper-right menu within a post, is still there, according to Venture Beat. While there are widespread reports of this phenomenon, this writer's personal testing yielded the option to delete a post right from the post with no issues. As seen in the screenshots below, one of which was taken by this writer and the rest from Venture Beat, the issue seems to be sporadic, or Facebook may be aware of it and in the middle of fixing it.

Facebook may be experiencing this issue due to a botched implementation of a new option in that menu, something related to deleting posts, or a simple glitch. Thus far, the company has not put out any official statements about the matter. The cause of this could be any number of things, but the bottom line for now, thankfully, is that users still have an avenue to delete their own posts if they want to. Furthermore, because the option is still available everywhere except for this one anomaly, and it seems to only be affecting certain users, it does not seem like Facebook would want to restrict users from deleting their own posts for any reason.

While some users across the web may have assumed the worst in this case, all signs seem to point to a random glitch, and it would not be the first time that Facebook has had some sort of malfunction or issue that has irked a wide swath of users, whether by malfunction or simply questionable design or implementation choices. This particular issue could actually be either one, but there will be no way to know for sure until Facebook steps up and delivers a press release or post about it.


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