Deal: Xbox One S, Xbox Controller, Xbox Live Gold On Sale – 11/24/17


If you're a console gamer than you may have struggled with the decision of going with a PlayStation system or an Xbox, and that's ok, they're both great systems. If you've been a loyal fan of Xbox though since its original system launch, then now is a great time to consider moving up to a new version of the system, as the Xbox One S is currently on sale at Walmart right now for just $198. This is the Xbox One S model so you're getting one model back from the new Xbox One X, which means you're getting a 500GB hard drive and a slimmer, smaller profile than the original Xbox One.

One of the best parts about Xbox is the subscription service that you can pick up for online play and monthly free games. The service is called Xbox Live Gold, and allows you to connect and play with others online, and you get games that are part of Xbox Games With Gold each month, which are anywhere from smaller indie titles to larger AAA titles for no money, allowing you to score some sweet games for free.

This is also great if you have friends or family that also want to play along. The system will support multiple controllers being hooked up at once, one of which already comes with the system, and if you need more, now is also a great time to pick up a second, third, or fourth controller as Walmart is also holding a sale on the controllers for the Xbox One systems where they're currently going for $39, and the Xbox Live Gold subscription for a three-month period is just $12.50, when it's normally $24.99, so you're getting it for half off. Another good thing about the Xbox One S is that it supports 4K and HDR content, and not just for games but for videos too, so once you're tired of playing games you can kick back and relax by watching a movie or one of your favorite TV shows in 4K UHD resolution. If you've got a gamer in life, the Xbox One S and accompanying accessories and online subscription are great gifts that they would surely be thankful for.

Xbox One S 500GB - $189
Xbox Wireless Controller - $39
Xbox Live 3-Month Gold Membership - $12.49