UPDATED: Deal: Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Flagship $150 Off – 11/23/17


Samsung just keeps delivering in the run-up to this year's Black Friday, having now dropped the price of its Galaxy Note 8 flagship by $150, offering the unlocked variant of the highly praised device for just $799.99. This is by far the lowest price you were ever able to get on a brand-new, carrier-free version of the phablet in the United States without trading in another valuable phone with Samsung and it's extremely unlikely that the company will offer a better deal on the critically acclaimed handset until spring.

The Galaxy Note 8 is not just the most powerful smartphone ever made by Samsung but widely believed to be one of the best mobile offerings in the history of the industry, boasting top specs and a beautiful, bezel-free design that allows it to offer a massive 6.3-inch screen while not having a huge physical footprint. The 18.5:9 display ratio of the device makes it the slimmest phablet on the market along with the Galaxy S8 lineup, meaning you'll have no trouble holding it in one hand, unlike traditional large-screen phones. Apart from being able to take on any other flagship in terms of performance, the Galaxy Note 8 also has some additional features that many high-end devices released this year lack, starting with the 3.5mm headphone jack that Samsung refused to eliminate even after Apple, HTC, Google, and a lot of other companies did so. The Galaxy Note 8 is still extremely thin and comfortable to hold, and its 64GB of internal memory that you're getting can also be expanded via a microSD card slot. Finally, its S Pen stylus will likely transform the way in which you use a smartphone, helping you with everything from easy note-taking to quick translations and currency conversions.

Having finally dropped below $800, the Galaxy Note 8 is an incredibly easy recommendation to make to pretty much anyone interested in a truly high-end smartphone that excels in essentially every aspect. The dual-camera setup of the device is widely considered to be one of the best there is, whereas its fast (wireless) charging support will allow you to quickly bring its battery back to 100 percent after the day is up. There's no word on how long this offer will last but assume it won't be available for more than a few days, so try to decide whether to take advantage of it as soon as possible, which you can do by referring to the banner below.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (US Version) Factory Unlocked
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