Deal: Unlocked LG G6 32GB 40% Off On Amazon UK – 11/23/17


The Black Friday craze is already engulfing the entire world, with the British branch of LG Electronics now deciding to join in on the shopping fun by offering the unlocked variant of the LG G6 at 40 percent off, £259.96 down its usual price of £649.95. The deal comes with free delivery anywhere in the United Kingdom and is only available on Amazon UK for a limited time. With no specific expiry dates being given, it appears that the heavily discounted £389.99 price tag will only be good while supplies last which almost certainly won't be for long; as of this writing, the product's Amazon listing reveals LG has only 14 more units left in stock, so you're advised to make your purchase decision as soon as possible.

With this massive discount, the LG G6 is arguably the best smartphone you can currently buy in the sub-£400 segment, featuring high-end specs and a premium aesthetic at a fraction of the price of something like the Galaxy Note 8. The handset boasts both a microSD card slot and a 3.5mm headphone jack, unlike many other flagships released over the course of this year. Additionally, thanks to its new 5.7-inch screen with a tall aspect ratio of 18:9, the LG G6 offers a lot of screen real estate while having a physical footprint that's much smaller to that of traditional phablets. Besides having a large display and being easy to hold, the LG G6 is also IP68-certified for resistance to dust and water and sports a high-end dual-camera setup that can take your mobile photography to the next level.

This excellent deal on an even better device only appears to be available in the UK, with British consumers being able to take advantage of it by referring to the banner below. Needless to say, this is by far the lowest outright price that the LG G6 ever had in the country and is unlikely to be beaten anytime soon.


Unlocked LG G6 With 32GB Of Storage
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