Deal: Smarter Coffee Maker & iKettle 20% Off – 11/24/17

smarter coffee ah deal

Everyone loves a good sale, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the time of year when sales are the absolute biggest time of the year for them. While it’s pretty normal to see everyday appliances on sale for these sorts of events, Smarter is joining the ranks with its extraordinary Smarter Coffee 2nd generation coffee maker, and marking off a good bit of the regular price tag for these festive annual sales. The Smart Coffee 2nd generation is exclusively available at Best Buy and bestbuy.com in the US, and Smarter is knocking off 20% of its usual price for the big sale weekend. You’ll find the coffee maker on sale for $199.99 (regularly $249.99 MSRP), a great deal for a top-end intelligent coffee maker.

Smarter’s 2nd generation coffee maker comes with Alexa and IFTTT support built in, meaning you can connect the coffee maker to your favorite virtual assistant via your home’s WiFi network. From here you can brew coffee remotely, check supplies and see how long coffee has been ready for, among other things. Smarter ships the coffee maker with a bean hopper up top and a permanent filter for fresh ground coffee every time, and the water meter can be read by the Smarter app to let you know how many cups can be brewed without having to refill the whole system. It’s a really fantastic way to grab a quick cup of coffee, or just to wake up to one in the morning by setting a timer or asking your favorite virtual assistant to brew a fresh pot.

Not to be forgotten, Smarter also sells a smart kettle that it’s also putting on sale for the tea lovers in your family. The Smarter iKettle 3rd generation is a connected kettle that can be boiled remotely as well, ensuring your tea is ready to go the moment you walk in the door or step out of bed. Just like the coffee maker, the iKettle 3rd generation will be on sale at Best Buy stores or on bestbuy.com for $119.99 (regularly $149.99 MSRP), which is a 20% discount from the usual price. It’s good for more than just tea too; with the ability to heat water up to a very specific temperature, it can be a lifesaver for parents who need a bit of warm water for late night feedings and don’t want to guess whether or not the water will burn the baby’s mouth. Connecting either of these products with all your other smart home products via IFTTT is invaluable too, and it shows just how awesome a truly connected, smart home can be.


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